ambient air
World Environment Day 2019 – Why is ambient air monitoring important?

In last week’s blog we touched on current approaches to managing air pollution, including implementing national objectives and accompanying air …

Air pollution blog 2
World Environment Day 2019 – Tackling Air Pollution Part 2

Air pollution, commonly recognised as the ‘invisible killer’, is negatively impacting the health of millions around the world. The United …

World Environment Day blog 1
World Environment Day 2019 – Tackling Air Pollution Part 1

World Environment Day (WED), first introduced by the United Nations (UN) in 1974, is a day on which individuals, communities, …

Waste Expemtion image
Waste Exemptions: What, Why and How?

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 define the requirements for  applying for, receiving, varying, transferring and surrendering …

water footprint
You’ve mapped your carbon footprint, but what about your water footprint?

Social, economic, political, environmental, ecological and agricultural aspects of life are all negatively impacted by increased water shortages across the …

PAS blog
PAS 402:2013 – Performance Reporting for Waste Management Organisations

What is PAS 402?
The PAS 402 (PAS is defined as a Publicly Available Specification) originally came to fruition through …

‘Green’ Product Labels: Can Consumers Trust Them?

Today, when consumers walk down the supermarket aisles in search for a product, the options are seemingly limitless. A prime …

energy blog 2
Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework: What is it and How does it apply?

What is the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework?
In November of 2018, the UK Government introduced the Streamlined …

The Importance of Energy Monitoring

Successful organisations recognise the positive correlation between data collection, analysis,  evaluation and business growth. As a result, successful organisations are …

BAT blog photo
Best Available Technique Reference Documents: What are they and why are they important?

Best available techniques (BAT) are defined as the techniques that are most effective, or ‘best’, at eliminating or, where not …

The Importance of Duty of Care

Duty of Care: Defined
Duty of Care can be defined as: ‘an organisation’s responsibility to ensure all reasonable steps have …

Have yourself a conscious little Christmas

The holidays are upon us – Christmas trees have gone up, lights are lining city centres and Christmas carols are …

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