Eastland Compounding

EMS aid rubber manufacturer Eastland Compounding in the repair and maintenance of their CEMS equipment

When quoted several thousand pounds for a replacement dust monitor by their previous supplier, Eastland Compounding turned to EMS to successfully repair their monitor, avoiding unnecessary expenditure and equipment replacement

Eastland Compounding


Eastland Compounding are a Manchester based rubber manufacturer who develop a range of rubber based products. Aside from the manufacture of rubber polymer compounds for general rubber markets, Eastland Compounding also specialise in the development of custom compound formulations to meet specific client needs. With use of their onsite facilities, Eastland are also capable of coordinating their own product development tests

Origins and Requirement

Eastland Compounding approached EMS with a view to repair a faulty dust meter. As part of their environmental permit, Eastland Compounding proactively monitor their emissions to air by using a single particulate dust monitor installed in one of their eight on site stacks. The data from this monitor is then used to trigger a local alarming system in order to alert the relevant staff of any potential permit breaches. Unfortunately due to an electrical fault in the system, the dust monitor was causing the local alarming system to trigger unnecessarily. The existing supplier of the dust monitor had quoted for a replacement monitor due to the fault and the false alarms triggered.


Before quoting for a replacement monitor, EMS approached the issue by dispatching one of our experienced field engineers to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the probe to identify the fault. Our engineer carried out a full service and clean of the probe as well as troubleshooting all known issues. After the service and diagnostics check, normal function of the system was resumed and there was no need for a replacement unit.


Thanks to EMS, Eastland Compounding were able to prevent unnecessary expenditure and stay compliant. Going forward, Eastland now benefit from proactive  maintenance services that work to ensure the continuous operation of their particulate monitor.


In the Continuous Emissions Monitoring market, one of our main specialities lies in the maintenance and repair of our client’s existing equipment. We often find that replacement units are not always the most economical option for customers who already have continuous emissions monitoring requirements.  If your existing equipment requires maintenance, calibration, or replacement parts and repairs, why not contact Kieran Williams on 0114 272 2270 or email kieran.williams@em-solutions.co.uk.

‘We have found EMS’ service to be very professional and helpful. The repair of our CEMS equipment has saved us time and money, plus helped us to stay compliant with our permit.’
John Sutherland, Site Manager at Eastland Compounding.

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