EMS supports Skymark to maintain Environmental Compliance

Skymark Packaging Ltd manufacture and supply flexible films. Due to the activities carried out on the site and the resultant production of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Skymark is subject to an A2 Permit held with the Local Authority.

Due to the nature of their activities, it was recognised that by protecting the environment they are also able to provide a safe workplace for their staff.  In order to assist with this, EMS were appointed to support the company to maintain environmental compliance.

EMS supports Skymark to maintain Environmental Compliance

Expert support and advice

Skymark consider protection of the environment an important aspect of how activities are carried out on site and approached EMS in 2014 to support compliance with their A2 permit and Environmental Management System.

EMS provided a dedicated and qualified Environmental Consultant to initially review existing documentation and control measures to ensure the current systems met the conditions of the environmental permit and ISO14001:2004 requirements. After the first few months of support, the EMS Environmental Consultant completed internal audits against the requirements of the ISO14001:2004 standards. In addition to this, EMS provided support through training on the environmental permit and Environmental Management System for the staff working with the management of the permit and system.

With the support of EMS, Skymark have reduced the risk rating of their environmental permit from high to medium, with the lowest score achieved in 2016 since 2010. The company has also increased compliance with their Environmental Management System and have reduced the number of non-conformities raised during audits. 

EMS continue to work closely with Skymark carrying out internal audits of the Environmental Management System and providing support during ISO14001 surveillance visits.

In a very competitive climate it’s difficult to find a budget for consultants but in the case of EMS it was more of an investment with an immediate return. Unlike many consultancy programs, EMS agreed a set of objectives then came and worked alongside us to drive us towards our goals. Before they came along we spent a fortune going nowhere fast. With their guidance we spent a little getting somewhere fast.
John Turner, Managing Director - Skymark Packaging Ltd

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