Environmental Due Diligence

EMS provide a comprehensive environmental audit service of target businesses as part of legal and commercial due diligence. This service provides insurers, solicitors, intermediaries and investment managers with an in-depth, independent review to determine environmental legal compliance, identify barriers to growth and environmental clean-up liabilities.

The Risks of Neglecting Environmental Due Diligence

Legislation aimed at protecting the environment from the negative effects of commercial activity is ever increasing and often poorly understood. Any business can find itself exposed to environmental liability either due to on-going operations or resulting from activities that have taken place over the years. Non compliance increases the cost and risk of doing business:

  • Businesses are commonly unaware that they are operating illegally
  • Businesses may have hidden limits to their current or future capacity
  • Historical aspects can mean large remedial bills down the line.

The Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009 enforces the polluter pays principle. If companies cause damage to the environment they will be responsible for the clean-up costs which tend to be more costly than the initial prosecution.

Adding Value for Investors and Insurers

The EMS Environmental Due Diligence package focuses on environmental legal compliance as part of an investors legal and commercial due diligence or for insurance brokers who need to determine correct insurance cover. The service identifies and provides a detailed compliance analysis of those pieces of legislation applicable to the business in question. There is a focus on the cost of remedial action where non-conformities are found and the ongoing costs of maintaining compliance.

The Key Benefits of the Audit Are:

  • Assesses legal compliance
  • Exposes unknown risks so the correct insurance can be offered
  • Identifies barriers to growth
  • Determines clean up liabilities and costs
  • Adds value at the point of investment

Why Work with EMS?

Based on experience and extensive knowledge within the environmental arena, EMS can review legal obligations in the context of different industry sectors, business improvement and growth. EMS continues to carry out environmental audits helping clients maintain compliance, preventing prosecution, improving environmental credentials and saving money.

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