Real-Time Modelling, Monitoring & Control

  • Project Objective

    Provide guidance to embed real-time monitoring, modelling, control and permitting
  • UK Water Industry Research

    Part of the 2014/15 research programme
  • Project Partners

    Mouchel, EMS and HR Wallingford
  • Real-Time Modelling, Monitoring & Control

Project Objective

The objective of the project is to provide inspiration, guidance and reassurance to Water Company staff to enable them to embed real time monitoring, modelling, control and permitting to improve customer service, efficiency and environmental performance.

Specific drivers to be considered include:

  • Blockage prediction and ‘other causes’ flooding
  • Hydraulic overload and flooding
  • Pollution, septicity, odour
  • Plant availability
  • Energy management
  • Effluent quality and dynamic catchment permitting
  • Incident management for customers and environment

Project Background

There have been several UKWIR projects on the use of “real time” or “active” control and management of wastewater in recent years including:

  • 21st century sewerage (2007)
  • Sewer network and WwTW integration (2007)
  • Economic level of service for sewer blockages (2010)
  • Use of ANN models (2012)
  • Role of wastewater process control in delivering operating efficiencies (2012)
  • Barriers to Active System Control (2013)

However despite this previous work there are still gaps in knowledge, new issues to be addressed, and slow adoption of the technology.

The Ofwat EA guidance on drainage strategy now expects active system control to be considered for all sewerage systems and so the gaps need to be addressed. These include:

  • Integrating the management of sewerage systems and wastewater treatment works
  • Using active monitoring to improve management of networks to improve the level of service
  • Providing detailed guidance on the techniques for monitoring, data management, and modelling for active control and management

Project Partners

  • Mouchel (Project Lead)
  • Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd
  • HR Wallingford Ltd

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For more information on the project please contact the EMS Innovation Manager Dr Sonja Ostojin or call 0114 272 2270.

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