Auburn Systems 4001 Bag Leak Detector

  • Economical bag leak detector

    Suitable for a number of applications
  • Available in remote and integral models

    For high temperature monitoring applications
  • Easy access data

    On the TRI-colour LED screen
  • Auburn Systems 4001 Bag Leak Detector

The Auburn Systems 4001 is a Bag Leak Detector ideal for monitoring air exhausts, process flow and pneumatic conveying. The 4001 offers you an economic bag leak detector that comes equipped with an LED display, and 5A SPTD relay output.

The 4001 Bag Leak Detector is also available with remote or integral sensors, offering you flexibility in high temperature, or difficult monitoring applications. The 4001 is also virtually maintenance free, and provider reliable, robust readings time and time again.


  • Remote or integral options
  • LED display
  • Relay output
  • NEMA 4 enclosure

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