Auburn Systems U3600 Quantitative Particulate Monitoring System

  • Quantitative emissions monitor

    Easy to read, real-time measurement in mg/m3
  • Cost effective

    Superior accuracy, reliabiliy and repeatability
  • Flexible outputs

    Ideal for alarming and SCADA integration
  • Auburn Systems U3600 Quantitative Particulate Monitoring System
  • EMS-auburn U3600.jpg

The U3600 displays live quantitative particulate levels on its colour screen and is equipped with 4-20 mA or optional digital outputs allowing for integration into eDAS or existing data acquisition and plant network systems.  The advanced monitoring system also features two independent, programmable SPDT relays designed for triggering local alarms.

A range of probes are available including ceramic sensors for high temperature applications and jacketed probes where fouling or contamination is a problem.


  • Available with a 4-20mA or digital output for integration into eDAS or SCADA
  • Automatic probe contamination check
  • Numerical LED display showing quantitative real time emissions level
  • Password protection for user settings
  • Superior signal filtering eliminates electrical noise interference for stable measurement
  • Unified AC/DC signal processing for continuous, accurate measurement
  • Intrinsically safe


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