DustMate: Handheld Fume and Dust Detector

  • Lightweight design

    Easy to use and handle
  • Identifies low dust concentrations

    Ideal for use in and outdoors
  • Internal data logging

    No need for external memory
  • DustMate: Handheld Fume and Dust Detector

The DustMate is a hand-held dust meter ideal for both short and long term sampling applications. The compact and lightweight design is highly effective for checking air quality both indoors  and outdoors. The DustMate allows you to measure the airborne concentration of thoracic, inhalable and respirable particles down to 0.1 micrograms per cubic metre. As part of the package software is included allowing you to easily analyse and manage any data collected.

  • Composite or sequential sampling
  • Operating range of -20 to 120°F (-29 to 49°C) without additional heaters
  • Four digital alarm outputs
  • 4-20 mA and DC pulse flow meter input
  • Four stored programs
  • Lifting handles for easy installation
  • Visual error indicator

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