eDAS® Ultima

  • Centralise your environmental performance data

    Integrate your legacy or EMS supplied equipment
  • View graphs and export data at the touch of a button

    Get the information you need, when and where you need it
  • User defined alerts and alarms

    Forewarning of an issue before it becomes a problem
  • eDAS<sup>®</sup> Ultima


What is eDAS®?

eDAS® is a data acquisition system which collates, centralises and presents your on-site environmental monitoring data. Depending on your specific requirements, eDAS® can be implemented and accessed in three ways with optional features and a Support Package to suit your specific monitoring requirements. 

eDAS® provides an increased visibility of environmental performance to help identify cost savings, enable improved decision support, environmental awareness and business efficiency

eDAS® Ultima

eDAS® Ultima combines an on-site touchscreen PC and a remotely accessible eDAS® web page to collate, centralise and present your environmental monitoring data - offering you flexibility to access your data either on or off-site. 

The eDAS® software application is configured for your specific monitoring alarming requirements, allowing you to set logged local audio visual alarms alerting you of a real-time breach or an imminent breach to aid effective decision support and improved management of environmental performance. 


eDAS® is capable of consolidating data from a wide range of regulatory monitoring equipment and can integrate your legacy or EMS supplied equipment in one simple solution. eDAS® can integrate with:

Water and Effluent Monitoring

Air and Emissions Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

  • Collate and monitor your energy usage
  • Set SMART energy efficiency targets
  • Maintain compliance with legislation 
  • Maintain compliance with permit requirements
  • Pin point usage within your organisation

eDAS® Support Package 

As part of your eDAS® solution, you may wish to opt for our eDAS® Support Package which includes, system health checks, call outs and remote telephone and email support for your eDAS®.  The Support Package gives you the added peace of mind and ensures your environmental monitoring system is working to its full capacity and presenting accurate and reliable data. 

Opting for an eDAS® Support Package offers you:

  • A guaranteed call out response time
  • No unexpected call out charges 
  • Experienced technical support with potential to remotely diagnose (subject to granted permission) 
  • The latest software updates 

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