eDAS® ultima

  • Centralise your environmental performance data

    Integrate all of your existing and future monitoring systems
  • View graphs and export data at the touch of a button

    Get the information you need, when and where you need it
  • User defined alerts and alarms

    Be aware of issues before they cause a problem
  • eDAS<sup>®</sup> ultima

What is eDAS®?

eDAS® is EMS’ revolutionary Environmental Data Acquisition System, designed to bring together all of your environmental performance data for effective management and control. eDAS® allows you to monitor multiple instruments and data channels through a number of logical and flexible interfaces, centralising and automating all of your environmental monitoring activities.

eDAS® Ultima

eDAS® ultima combines eDAS® site and eDAS® web. You benefit from the convenience of a site based touch screen computer, as well as the flexibility of cloud based data access. Your system can be configured to send email and SMS alerts to multiple users simultaneously. Data storage is flexible and off-site storage is available on one of EMS' secure servers.


eDAS® is capable of consolidating data from a wide range of instruments, including your legacy equipment or equipment newly specified by EMS.

Water and Effluent Monitoring

Air and Emissions Monitoring

Environmental Management

  • Packaging waste
  • WEEE
  • CO2 emissions
  • Energy use
  • Water use

Control room services

As part of your eDAS® package, you may wish to subscribe to our range of control room services. If you opt for our control room services package, we will proactively monitor your data as it is consolidated by your eDAS®. We analyse trends, and look to identify and diagnose any anomalies. This way, we can look to mitigate any issues with your data before they become a real problem.

System maintenance

Our system maintenance package is designed to keep you on top of any instrument needs and maintenance issues. Depending on your requirements, this can cover both your eDAS® and monitoring equipment.

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