Hach FLO-TOTE Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

  • Configure with the Hach FL900 or FLO-STATION

    For continuous data logging
  • Submerged sensor

    Ideal for open channel monitoring applications
  • Calculates flow rate and depth

    And continuous area velocity
  • Hach FLO-TOTE Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

The Hach FLO-TOTE is an electromagnetic flow sensor ideal for open channel flow monitoring applications. You can configure the FLO-TOTE with a Hach FL900 or Hach FLO-STATION for continuous flow measurement and data collection.

The FLO-TOTE uses electromagnetic technology to measure velocity and depth to calculate continuous area velocity measurements. The grease tolerant sensor also uses shedding electrodes to ensure that operation is unaffected by fouled flows.


    • Power supplied by Hach FL900 or Hach FLO-STATION
    • Velocity measurement accuracy: ±2%
    • Depth measurement accuracy: ±1%
    • Operating temperature: 0 to 45 °C
    • Polyurethane sensor enclosure


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