In-Situ BaroTROLL Instruments

  • Flexible data logging

    Linear, fast linear or event based modes
  • Internal data storage

    Perfect for long term deployments
  • Sturdy construction

    Manufactured from corrosion resistant Titanium
  • In-Situ BaroTROLL Instruments

The In-Situ BaroTROLL series consists of two barometric pressure and temperature probes designed for use in conjunction with the In-Situ Level TROLL and In-Situ Rugged TROLL. The BaroTROLL series are intended to compensate for changes in water level due to barometric pressure fluctuations. Connect with a for quick and easy data downloads.

In-Situ BaroTROLL

The titanium BaroTROLL contains highly precise barometric and temperature sensors, a data logger, and internal power in a 0.72-inch (1.83-cm) diameter housing. For use with the non-vented (absolute) In-Situ Level TROLL.

  • Built-in Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA simplifies connection to SCADA and telemetry systems.
  • Low-power system guarantees long-term operation – a minimum of 5 years or 2 million readings.
  • Uses Win-Situ Baro Merge software for automatic post-correction of Level TROLL data.

In-Situ Rugged BaroTROLL

The Rugged BaroTROLL measures and logs barometric pressure data, which is used to compensate for changes in water level due to barometric fluctuations. For use with an In-Situ Rugged TROLL.

  • Data from a Rugged BaroTROLL can be automatically post-corrected by using Win-Situ Baro Merge software.
  • Use suspension wire (cable) with hanger for long-term deployments requiring minimal instrument access.
  • Use direct-read Rugged TROLL cable when you need real-time access. The Rugged BaroTROLL can be connected to a telemetry system, PLC system, or logger

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