In-Situ Con TROLL PRO Monitor

  • On board data logging

    4MB of internal storage
  • Available in AC and DC models

    Dependent on your requirements
  • Simple connectivity

    Into your existing SCADA or PLC
  • In-Situ Con TROLL PRO Monitor

The In-situ Con TROLL Pro Monitor incorporates a data logger, controller and monitor in to one compact and easy to use module. The In-situ Con TROLL Pro Monitor is available in both AC and DC models, and is designed for process control applications in industrial and natural environments. The Con TROLL PRO is capable of displaying and reporting multiple parameters for process control purposes and providing power to instruments in the In-Situ range. The onboard Modbus and RS485 protocols also allow you to integrate the Con TROLL PRO into your existing SCADA or PLC.


  • Modbus/RS485 communication protocols
  • 4-20mA current loops
  • Operating temperature -20C to 70C

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