In-Situ Rugged Water Level Meter

  • Durable, field ready construction

    Choose from steel, Kevlar or polyethylene models
  • Accurate, reproducible measurements

    Tapes resist deforming under heavy loads
  • Easy to use and maintain

    User removable electronics make repairs easy
  • In-Situ Rugged Water Level Meter

The In-Situ Rugged Water Level Tapes and Meters are designed to provide accurate water level measurements in pump and slug tests, depth to water measurements and dewatering applications. Each tape is constructed to maximise accuracy and durability, and is available in steel, Kevlar or polyethylene variations.

In-Situ Rugged Water Level Tape 100

Economical tapes offer durability and accuracy for well drillers, pump installers, and other service users.

In-Situ Rugged Water Level Tape 200

ASME-certified, engineer-grade tapes accurately measure depth-to-water. Both full-size and backpack-size tapes are available.

In-Situ Rugged Conductivity/Level/Temp Meter

Accurately measure conductivity, water level, and temperature with this ASME-certified tape.

In-Situ Rugged Oil/Water Interface Meters

When working in hazardous or explosive environments, use these certified intrinsically safe interface meters. Both full-size and backpack-size meters are available.

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