SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas

  • High-specification, multi-gas analyser

    Certified to MCERTS and QAL 1 standards
  • Cost-effective CEMS solution

    Low operational and maintenance requirements
  • Compact and Robust

    Easily integrated into existing systems
  • SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas

The Servopro 4900 Multigas is a high-specification, digital continuous emissions analyser. This high-performance system provides you with a complete monitoring solution for flue gas analysis.

Through using a combination of Servomex’s leading-edge digital sensing technologies, this sensitive analyser delivers impressive monitoring power for a low cost of ownership.

Designed for multi-gas measurement, it is ideal for measuring criterion pollutants NO, SO2 and CO, plus O2 and greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH.

The Servopro 4900 has been designed to be compact and robust. It requires minimal cabinet space and can be integrated easily with other systems. Low operational requirements thanks to long calibration intervals by high-performance sensing technologies and auto-calibration features help minimise installation and maintenance cost of the kit.

The intuitive, colour touchscreen provides easy configuration and interaction with the device, making it simple to operate. 


  • Utility boilers
  • Clinical waste incinerators
  • Chemical incinerators
  • Crematoria
  • Mobile labs
  • Research into greenhouse gases


  • Advanced digital communications, including Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP and PROFIBUS
  • USB serial port for data logging
  • Digital communications for remote access: RS232/RS485 Modbus and PROFIBUS (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to follow
  • USB serial port for data logging and software upgrades
  • Auto-calibration facility
  • Size: 132.5mm (5.2”) high 481.6mm (19”) wide 544.2mm (21.4”) deep
  • Weight: Main unit: approx. 14kg (30.9lb)

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