Large Scale Flow Measurement

  • Reliable measurement in challenging conditions

  • Ideal for measuring pressurised pipes

  • Useful for system optimisation

  • Large Scale Flow Measurement

Large scale flow measurement is typically undertaken using transit-time clamp-on flow meters. However, in many challenging applications these methods do not provide realistic, reliable results. This is generally because there are insufficient, uninterrupted pipe lengths available to provide accurate repeatable results. Furthermore, access is often limited and the integrity of the pipework, specifically corrosion of the internal pipe wall, presents further problems.

Isco Hot Tap

EMS specialist engineers use the Isco Hot Tap to effectively measure flow within closed, pressurised pipes often with limited access. The Isco Hot Tap sensor is inserted into the flow through a conventional 2" tap and mounts nearly flush with the inner pipe wall causing minimal disturbance to the flow field. The sensor is comprised of four ceramic crystals which transmit and receive acoustic signals. The crystals emit sound pulses into the flow stream which are echoed back when they contact particles or air bubbles. The Doppler shift between the emitted and returned signals is range-gated in order to measure velocity in distinct cells along the four beams. From these measurements, a highly accurate velocity field is mapped which is then used to calculate a true, highly accurate flow profile.

Accurate flow measurement is critical to identify any restrictions that may be preventing optimal performance. The Isco Hot Tap provides the data required so strategic decisions can be made to optimise the performance of a system providing significant energy and operational savings

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