EMS Innovation Launch after Flood of Success

Following success in a number of EU and Innovate UK funded research projects, EMS is pleased to introduce EMS Innovation.

The aim of EMS Innovation is to add value to raw science by innovating to advance products and services in the company’s area of expertise including: artificial intelligence; control systems; software development; networks and infrastructure; sensing technology; remote monitoring and systems integration. This enables EMS to bridge the gap between research and development and commercial goods and services.

The key focus of EMS Innovation projects are in three areas; SMART Wastewater Networks, Remote Monitoring and Innovative Sensors.

SMART Wastewater Networks

SMART wastewater networks should convey foul and surface water with minimum impact on customers and the environment. EMS develops and deploys technologies and systems for the smarter operation of wastewater networks to achieve this. The company focuses on systems that are easily and economically deployed, leveraging the power of machine and embedded intelligence, remote communications and the internet. EMS believes in maximising the utilisation of existing infrastructure, through its more intelligent operation, focussing on system robustness and reliability.

Current SMART Wastewater Network projects include:

CENTAUR- This Horizon 2020 project will deliver innovative new technology to reduce urban flood risk by utilising the existing storage capacity in urban drainage systems.
SMART Sewer- SMART Sewer is a system that is able to detect developing blockages, before they cause flooding or other pollution events.
• UKWIR- EMS was successfully appointed to deliver UKWIR projects on Overcoming Reliance on Short-Term Flow Surveys, and Real-Time Modelling, Monitoring and Control.

Remote Monitoring

The outputs from Remote Monitoring are everywhere. EMS is leveraging the power of the internet and other communication technologies to increase visibility. This opens up new possibilities in different areas of environmental monitoring, from the centralised monitoring of industrial sites, temporary monitoring at the boundaries of the natural and urban environments through to remote monitoring to improve water access in developing countries.

Remote Monitoring projects include:

eDAS- eDAS is EMS’ revolutionary Environmental Data Acquisition System, designed to centralise environmental performance data for effective management and control.
StormCatcher- Catchment based monitoring system for capturing detailed rainfall, flow and water quality information from rainfall events.
Mantis- Development of low-cost pump monitoring technology for use in the developing world.

Innovative Sensors

Innovative Sensors will open up new possibilities in monitoring and managing catchments to achieve compliance with water legislation (e.g. the Water Framework Directive). Monitoring is the starting point in enabling us to use the water environment sustainability. Continuous time-series data can only be collected economically and accurately for a limited number of parameters in remote deployments; for example in rivers and in the horticulture environment. This limits the applications and the data that can be collected. The development of accurate, cost effective deployable sensors for a wider range of important parameters is the key driver.

Current Innovation Sensor projects includes MultiMEMS, a novel micro-technology platform to deliver a step change in nutrient and pesticide monitoring from which EMS were asked to participate in the global nutrient sensor challenge.

The EMS Innovation Manager Dr Sonja Ostojin has said “EMS is uniquely positioned in terms of sector and scientific knowledge, connections with Universities, and rollout capabilities to bring client benefit in some currently high profile areas”

For more information on EMS Innovation or to find out more about any of our existing projects email Dr Sonja Ostojin at sonja.ostojin@em-solutions.co.uk.

EMS Innovation Launch after Flood of Success

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