EMS Present SMART Sewer

EMS's Dr Pete Skipworth presented "SMART Sewer" at the recent UKWIR workshop held at Central Hall, Westminster on 21st May. The workshop was held to disseminate progress on the UKWIR project entitled "Real-Time Integrated Modelling, Monitoring and Control".

SMART (Sewer Monitoring at Real Time) Sewer is an online system to detect developing hydraulic anomalies within wastewater infrastructure - usually developing blockages - before they impact on performance and on customers through flooding-other-causes (FOC) events. The system dramatically increases observability, and promotes proactive network management. The sewerage undertaker is able to react to potential and developing blockages before they impact on their customers and performance figures.

The system has been developed by EMS with part-funding from Innovate UK.  Components of SMART Sewer have been developed in the modelling environment, workshop and laboratory. The detection algorithm works by applying fuzzy logic to changes in levels in manholes to calculate the likelihood of a blockage developing within a specific part of the wastewater network.

For more information on the project, contact the EMS R&D Manager Sonja Ostojin or call 0114 272 2270.

EMS Present SMART Sewer

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