Latest product release from Auburn Systems – U3200 Integral

Auburn Systems have recently released their U3200 Integral. This is an advanced particulate detector for dust collector compliance, maintenance and process applications.

The integral, one piece design makes the U3200 simple to install for its use with monitoring fabric filter baghouses, cartridge filters, cyclones and all types of dust collection equipment. The U3200 is able to detect flow/no flow conditions in pneumatic conveying, injection or gravity fed process flow applications.

Once installed, the U3200 integral monitors process under normal operating conditions to establish a baseline, then the detectors can monitor changing signal levels relative to the operational baseline level. Along with this, there is a simple SPDT relay contact which can control an alarm light/sound or other types of equipment such as stopping a fan. The numerical LED display shows real time signal levels making it easy to analyse and review.

The simple to install system makes it easy to maintain dust compliance with a selectable alarm for threshold level and time delay.

To discuss how the Auburn Systems U3200 Integral could help you, or if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Jodie Abramski at 0114 272 2270 (ext. 224) 


Latest product release from Auburn Systems – U3200 Integral

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