The Hach AS950 has landed

EMS are proud to announce the release of a new range of autosamplers - the Hach AS950 complete with game-changing full colour display.

The new controller makes programming, data transfer and operation more intuitive and virtually error free.

Data transfer and sampler programming is dramatically streamlined with the AS950. Users can now download logged data such as sample history and ambient temperature directly onto a USB drive. In addition, sensor ports are available for flow and water quality monitoring using Hach's digital sensor range. The AS950 is the only sampler that utilises a USB drive to copy programs from one sampler to another; ideal for setting up a fleet of units with the same program settings.

To view the full range of Hach AS950 autosamplers including the refrigerated, all-weather and portable options please click here.

The new range also includes an input/output module enabling you to integrate flow and water quality monitoring into your new sampler. Click here to find out more about the Hach AS950 IO9000.

To find out more about the range of sampling and flow products we offer, please contact Matthew Brownhill on call 0114 272 2270 or complete our enquiry form.

The Hach AS950 has landed

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