Cl:AIRE Material Management Plans

  • Reuse excavated materials on your site

    While staying compliant with legislation
  • Includes a Lead Auditor

    Who can sign off your materials management plan
  • Recognised as good practice

    With the Environmental Agency or regulatory body
  • Cl:AIRE Material Management Plans

EMS can work with your business to ensure you can use excavated material on your site whilst maintaining compliance with legislation.  On sites that exceed Environmental Permitting Exemption thresholds, this can be a cost effective alternative to an Environmental Permit whilst still being able to reuse excavated material, which can include:

  • Soil, both top soil and sub-soil, parent material and underlying geology
  • Soil and mineral based dredgings 
  • Ground based infrastructure that is capable of reuse within earthworks projects, e.g. road based, concrete floors 
  • Made ground 
  • Source segregating aggregate material arising from demolition activities, such as crushed brick and concrete, to be reused on the site of production within earthworks projects or as sub-base or drainage materials
  • Stockpiled excavated materials the include the above

EMS can support you in developing a Cl:AIRE Materials Management Plan to the approved Code of Practice and ensure that it is signed off by a 'Qualified Person'.

This service can include:

  • Producing a Cl:AIRE Materials Management Plan in line with the Code of Practice
  • Sign off by a Cl:AIRE Materials Management Plan by a 'Qualified Person'
  • Production of verification reports 
  • Training on completing CL:AIRE Materials Management Plans
  • Carrying out audits to ensure compliance with CL:AIRE Materials Management Plans

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