ESOS Audits

  • Meet legal requirements

    Companies with over 250 employees and over €50m turnover qualify
  • Includes a Lead Auditor

    Your energy audits must be signed off by a registered Lead Auditor
  • Improve your energy efficiency

    The audit will identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations
  • ESOS Audits

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is designed to help organisations work towards becoming more energy efficient. Organisations are in scope if, on the 31st December 2014, they are part of a corporate group or undertaking with:

    • At least 250 employees; or
    • Have an annual turnover exceeding €50 and a balance sheet exceeding €43m.

All companies must complete an ESOS audit and prepare an ESOS Evidence Pack. Companies must declare to the Environment Agency that they have completed their audits by the 5th December 2015.

How can EMS help?

If you qualify under the ESOS regulations, EMS can provide a complete service to help you meet your obligations.  EMS can:

    • Determine which parts of your organisation are subject to the scope of an ESOS audit 
    • Carry out the necessary audits 
    • Measure your total energy consumption 
    • Identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations 
    • Prepare your ESOS Evidence Pack 
    • Report compliance to the Environment Agency
    • Provide you with a registered Lead Auditor to sign off your Evidence Pack 

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