Noise monitoring

  • Comprehensive assessment

    Incorporating multi-point monitoring
  • Required by law

    For operating environments generating 80 decibels of noise or more
  • Incorporates mobile monitoring

    For individual employees on the move
  • Noise monitoring

Our noise monitoring services are designed to help you assess the levels of noise in your workplace, and identify any potential risks to the health of your employees. As of 2005, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations dictates that any employer, who exposes their employees to significant levels of noise, is liable to monitor their noise levels.

Depending on your requirement, we may combine a number of different monitoring techniques to provide a comprehensive noise monitoring assessment. This may include a series of stationary sound level monitors positioned, for example, next to a machine operator. The assessment may also include noise dosimeters which are compact, portable monitors designed for individual employees to wear.

If you own pre-existing dust monitoring instrumentation, we offer a “bolt-on” noise monitoring module to purchase, the i-dB Noise Monitor.

Hearing loss caused by noise exposure is estimated to affect over 170,000 people in the United Kingdom alone, ensure that you do not further contribute to that number!

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