Water Quality Monitoring

  • Continuous measurement

    Including pH, temperature, DO, turbidity, ORP, conductivity and nutrients
  • Flexible monitoring periods

    Short, medium or long term deployments
  • Optional telemetry

    Remote access to view and download your data
  • Water Quality Monitoring

EMS provide surveys and medium term deployments, for example for bathing water or CSO discharge monitoring, have requirements for the collection of water quality data.

Water Quality Parameters

EMS provides multi-parameter instrumentation that can be deployed to collect continuous data a combination of temperature, pressure, pH, turbidity, conductivity, DO (dissolved oxygen), ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), ammonium, chloride, nitrate.

Other parameters, for example BOD, COD, suspended solids, or very specific chemical parameters, can be determined by sampling using automatic samplers and subsequent lab analysis. This can all be built into the survey.

Catchment Based Monitoring

For surveys or medium term deployments, for example for  the Water Framework Directive, EMS specify, install and manage systems to collect continuous data. Continuously monitored water quality parameters, as well as flow or rain gauge data, can be pushed to an FTP server using GPRS technlogies. This allows clients using EMS’s portal facility to view data and track trends.

Water quality or flow data can also be used to trigger, for example, automatic sampling or event logging.

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