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Green Week

6 July 2015

Green Week

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd believe that individuals, businesses, communities and public authorisies have a ‘shared responsibility’ to protect the planet for future generations. 

Green Week at EMS takes place each year and encourages staff members to think about the environment and implement small changes in the workplace that can make a big difference. The week helps to drive forward the company’s green objectives; which are updated each year to reflect our Environmental Policy.

Green Week highlights the importance of environmental responsibility and promotes the idea that small changes, such as using natural light where possible, can have a big impact in striving towards sustainability. 

Recent Insights

The Importance of Biodiversity

The Importance of Biodiversity

We discuss what is meant by biodiversity, the major threats that it faces and why it is important to minimise biodiversity loss.

EMS shortlisted for

EMS shortlisted for "The Innovator" Award at Sheffield Business Awards 2021

Environmental Monitoring Solutions are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for "The Innovator" award at the Sheffield Business Awards. This is for our work on CENTAUR™.

What You Need to Know About The Environment Act 2021

What You Need to Know About The Environment Act 2021

The Environment Act 2021 has finally been granted royal assent into UK Law. This Act establishes the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) as a new regulatory body for legislative enforcement regarding environmental issues.

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