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OdourSonde™ Odorous Gas Monitor

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A real-time gas monitor providing measurements for key nuisance gases allowing the detection and identification of odour. Ideal for site operators who are at risk of causing nuisance in their local community.

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Have a question?

Contact our expert David for more information.

Have a question?

Contact our expert David for more information.

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  • Early warning of odorous nuisance events
  • Validate historic odour complaints
  • Satisfy environmental permits
  • Alleviate siting issues with solar panel power options
  • Complete investigation tool with external meteorological sensors

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The OdourSonde™ is a complete odour monitoring solution that provides real-time data access, reporting and alerts.

Odour is an emotive sense, and odour emissions can give rise to nuisance complaints and regulatory action if not kept under control.  Monitoring odorous gases arms you with the data to make informed decisions and actions, protecting both yourself and the local community against complaints.

The low-power and compact design means that the OdourSonde™ can be installed almost anywhere, and when installed with a solar panel, there is no need to modify existing infrastructure. This means the monitor can be placed at any strategic location whether that is at source, downwind on a boundary or close to a sensitive receptor. Examples include:

  • Settlement tanks, weirs, inlets, and sludge storage at wastewater sites
  • Reception halls at organic waste handling facilities
  • Open windrow composting piles or in-vessel composting activities.
  • Poultry sheds and other animal rearing buildings

The device is GSM enabled, meaning that data is streamed in real-time to our online eDAS web platform. We provide online dashboards that give simple access to live and historic measurements, and where necessary these can be customised to suit your own individual needs. Threshold alarms are also provided to let you know when there could be an issue.

When configured with meteorological sensors such as wind speed and direction you can start to truly understand your own emissions. Using historic data to validate or reject odour complaints as well as predicting high risk conditions before they happen.

The Odoursense is configurable to suit the application and measurements include:

  • H2S – Hydrogen Sulphide
  • NH3 – Ammonia
  • CH4S – Methyl Mercaptan
  • CH2O – Formaldehyde
  • TVOC – Total Volatile Organic Compounds (by PID)
  • CL2 – Chlorine
  • NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide
  • SO2 – Sulphur Dioxide

EMS can also provide short term rentals, fully serviced maintenance contracts, installation, and commission to help support your project as best possible.

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To discuss the OdourSonde™ Odorous Gas Monitor and our other Ambient Air Quality and Dust Monitors, please contact David our Business Development Manager (Air & Emissions).

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