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WINEP (Water industry national environment programme) Water Quality Monitoring

In March 2022, Severn Trent Water announced their Get River Positive pledges – putting in writing their commitment to protect and improve the quality of the rivers in the region. 

 Severn Trent Water are also going to invest a massive £168million in the WINEP between now and 2025 as part of their Green Recovery Programme. On top of creating bathing quality rivers, Severn Trent want to make an even bigger difference across our region.

Some of the programmed work will include but not limited to:

  • Improving river quality by reducing phosphate levels in wastewater
  • Promoting the use of more nature based treatment solutions
  • Creating conditions for aquatic wildlife to thrive
  • Fast-track improvements at 100 overflows

More information on Severn Trent Water’s river pledges.

More information on Severn Trent Water’s green recovery programme.

As part of the above programme of work EMS have been commissioned by Severn Trent Water to install and maintain a network of monitoring stations that supply real time data about the quality of the river water.

EMS teams will be undertaking:

  1. The installation of multi-parameter water quality sondes
  2. Maintenance of the installed equipment
Figure 1 Typical Water Quality Sonde Installation

Multi-parameter water quality sondes record pH, Temperature, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and  Ammonia.

The data is transmitted over the mobile phone network to EMS data servers for analysis.

Figure 2 Typical Water Quality Sonde Installation

As part of the investigations cross sections will also be surveyed at key points along the length of each watercourse so that their geometry and dimensions can be fully understood.

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