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Waste and wastewater services

Water and Wastewater

A range of short term and permanent water and wastewater monitoring services.

  • Trade Effluent Monitoring
  • Flow and Load Surveys
  • Catchment Based Monitoring
  • Hydrometry

Advisory services

Advisory services

A flexible approach to support and protect your business and improve your green credentials. EMS' consultancy services give you peace of mind that your environmental risks are being managed according to current environmental legislation and best practice guidelines.

Noise monitoring

Noise Monitoring

Workplace Noise 

The following limits for personal exposure to noise at work were implemented: 

Lower Exposure Action Value:   a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 80 dB(A) and a peak pressure level of 135 dB(C) 

At this level employers are required to provide suitable information and training, and hearing protection for those who request such.  Employers also have a duty to provide hearing tests if there is evidence that their employees’ hearing is at risk; 

Upper Exposure Action Value:   a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of   85 dB(A) and a peak pressure level of 137 dB(C) 

At this level employers have a duty to put in place control measures to reduce noise levels; designate ear protection zones and ensure that workers wear hearing protection.  Employees now have a right to hearing tests; 

Exposure Limit Value:  a daily or weekly average personal noise exposure of 87 dB(A) and a peak pressure level of 140 dB(C) 

Employers will be required to ensure that employee noise exposure, taking into account any hearing protection worn, does not exceed this value. 

EMS can provide this service by conducting walkthrough surveys with a precision sound level meter, recording continuous equivalent noise exposures (Leqs), supplemented with personal dosimetry where appropriate.  From these measurements total daily exposures (LEP,d) can be calculated and compared to the exposure action values.  Octave band analysis for noisier operations is also available to help determine the correct level of protection required for employees. 

The resulting report will include noise maps of the site, also showing where hearing protection zones are required.  There will also be full recommendations on how the company can comply with the regulations with regard to the findings of the survey. 

Hearing loss caused by noise exposure is estimated to affect over 170,000 people in the United Kingdom alone, ensure that you do not further contribute to that number! 

Environmental Noise Assessments 

EMS can carry out environmental noise surveys on the site boundary, highlighting the nearest sensitive receptors and identifying if there are any noise issues to be aware of. Please visit our page on environmental noise assessments for more information.


Monitoring Equipment Hire

For more information of the current hire availability of a monitoring equipment, please contact the EMS office.

Training Services


EMS is a specialist training provider, delivering accredited and non-accredited courses flexible to the needs of your business. Our qualified trainers are practising environmental professionals dedicated to help your business reduce risks, save money and increase employee skills.

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