• Real-time monitoring solution for ambient air quality

    Patented technology for accurate and reliable results
  • Cost effective solution with a compact, lightweight design

    Requires no infrastructure changes and minimum space occupancy
  • Lite, Smart and Pro options to suit your monitoring needs

    Energy efficient and solar power ready
  • AirSonde™

The AirSonde™ is a state-of-the-art, compact Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS).

Designed for ambient applications, AirSonde™ works on patented ‘Active Monitoring Technology’ to monitor key parameters such as particulate, air quality, radiation, noise and environmental gases. It is also capable of monitoring other peripheral parameters, such as weather and traffic.

AirSonde™ is an ideal choice for urban monitoring applications. Examples include:

  • Construction sites (particularly during demolition phases);
  • Smart city infrastructure;
  • Roadside monitoring;
  • Campus monitoring;
  • Airport monitoring.

The compact design means that the AirSonde™ requires minimum space occupancy and with an integrated solar panel, it has its own independent power source. The lightweight AirSonde can be easily mounted and ideally positioned for ambient monitoring solutions.

The innovative design makes the AirSonde™ water-resistant and weatherproof and the tough enclosure ensures that the equipment is tamperproof.

Real-time data transfer is provided on a continuous basis and communicated across a wide variety of connectivity options.

The AirSonde™ solution can be automatically upgraded from a central server, requiring no on-site visits.



The AirSonde™ is available in 3 different models to meet your monitoring needs; Lite, Smart and Pro.

Ambient air monitoring



  • Solar power ready with internal battery back up
  • Wired and Wireless communication
  • Compact design
  • Active sampling technology
  • Lightweight, aluminium alloy enclosure
  • Automatic upgrade from a central server
  • Data Communication – GSM/WIFI/LORA/RS485/RS232
  • Size: 400mm x 250mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 4.2kg

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