Flow Verification

  • Suitable for industrial, municipal and environmental monitoring

  • Ideal for validating existing techniques

  • May incorporate flow meters, fluorometry and dilution gauging

  • Flow Verification

EMS are able to carry out of flow verification using a range of measurement techniques. Flow verification can be used to confirm an estimated or numerically calculated flow, or used to confirm the reliability of an existing measurement instrument.

Environmental Monitoring

Depending on the application, we use a variety of techniques to provide accurate flow measurement in rivers, streams, and manmade channels. This can include velocity field mapping using acoustic Doppler flow meters or spot velocity flow meters. Accurate flow rate measurement can also be undertaken using fluorometry and dilution gauging techniques.

Industrial and Municipal Applications

In an industrial setting, our flow verifications techniques are used to ensure that existing monitoring equipment is measuring accurately. This may include using a reference instrument to provide comparative flow readings.

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