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AirSonde™ Air Quality Monitor

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Real-time ambient pollution monitor providing key measurements for air quality, dust and noise. The AirSonde™ provides high resolution data for public health, environmental impact, and worker safety investigations.

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Have a question?

Contact our expert David for more information.

Have a question?

Contact our expert David for more information.

Product Information


  • Measure multiple human health pollutants simultaneously, in real-time
  • Stay informed with online data access and threshold alerts
  • Remove siting issues with low power solar panel configurations
  • Integrate seamlessly with multiple communication options – Smart city ready
  • Create a complete investigation tool with option external meteorological sensors

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The AirSonde™ is a complete air quality monitoring solution that provides real-time data access, reporting and alerts.

Long-term exposure to poor air quality is a major contributor to many health conditions such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Public Health England estimate that long term exposure to man-made pollution has an annual effect equivalent to 36,000 deaths within the UK.

Continuous monitoring provides you with the information to make proper and informed decisions about air quality:

  • Understand your impact on the local area and ensure compliance with permit requirements
  • Ensure your workers are not exposed to pollutants that have long-term or short-term exposure effects
  • Study the spatial variation of air quality across an urban environment and the anthropogenic sources that impact upon it
  • Review and demonstrate the effectiveness of air quality improvement measures, such as traffic adjustments, filtration, green infrastructure or building design.

The AirSonde™ provides real-time measurements for key air quality and nuisance parameters including:

  • Gases – Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide & Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Particulate Matter – PM10 & PM2.5
  • Noise & Light Pollution
  • Wind Speed & Direction

Due to the range of data communication protocols there are very few limitations to siting the instrument. All instrument come GSM enable for remote data access and API availability. While options such as LORA, Wifi, NB-Iot and LTE ensure that more sophisticated integration with other systems is possible. 

The AirSonde™ is available in several configurations making it an ideal choice for smart cities, air quality consultants, traffic studies, workplace exposure monitoring and facilities management. Our EMS advisors will help choose the right configuration to meet your requirements and objects. We can provide short/long term rentals, fully serviced maintenance contracts, installation, and removal to help support your project as best possible.

Particulate Matter0 – 999 µg/m3
CO2Carbon DioxideUpto 5000ppm
COCarbon Monoxide0 -1000 ppm
O3Ozone0-20 ppm
NONitric Oxide0-20 ppm
NO2Nitrogen Dioxide0-20 ppm
SO2Sulphur Dioxide0-20 ppm
H2SHydrogen Sulphide0-100 ppm
NoiseL min, L max & L eqUpto 140 dB
LightLight IntensityUpto 1,000,000 Lux
UVUV Radiation (0-12 UVI)0.1- 1,000,000 uW/cm2
TempTemperature-20 + 85 °C
HumHumidityUp to 100% Rh
BmpBarometric Pressure300 – 1100 hPa

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Want to know more?

To discuss the AirSonde™ Air Quality Monitor and our other Ambient Air Quality and Dust Monitors, please contact David our Business Development Manager (Air & Emissions).

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