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CL:AIRE Management Plan for Clugston Construction

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By implementing a Materials Management Plan, Clugston Construction Ltd successfully applied the waste hierarchy by preventing waste production or reusing site won materials.

The Client

Part of the privately owned £140m plus Clugston group, Clugston Construction are a Construction Company who build, engineer and service high profile and schemes and facilities for national and international customers. Operating in a wide range of markets, Clugston Construction have project experience in sectors such as renewable energy, infrastructure, education, health and process industries. Aside from developing award winning schemes for their clients, Clugston also lead from the forefront of their market, driving new innovative construction techniques and developing new sustainable technologies.

Client Benefits

The re-use of site won material can have a huge financial benefit. In this section the cost of implementing a CL:AIRE MMP and re-using the site won material will be compared to the costs of disposing of the same material and purchasing virgin/recycled material instead.

The sustainable benefits of reusing site won material include: reducing waste production, reducing virgin material demand and reducing transport requirements (of importing virgin/recycled materials and exporting wastes).

The Challenges

Clugston have a legal duty of care to apply the waste hierarchy on all site. The waste hierarchy requires that where possible waste is prevented from being produced, reused or recycled. The site is based in Leeds on an existing Yorkshire Water Sewerage Treatment Facility. The site outside of the Clugston boundary is still in use by Yorkshire Water. The site consists of redundant filter beds, some of which is covered in a concrete hardstanding. As a result there was the potential to re-use huge quantities of site won material.

The Solution

A CL:AIRE Materials Management Plan was put together by EMS. A CL:AIRE Materials Management Plan is used to provide evidence that the material has not become a waste or has ceased to be a waste once it has been suitably treated. The CL:AIRE Material Management Plan includes information on the objectives of the planned works, evidence of the suitability of the site won material, risk assessments, remediation strategy and quantity of use.

A total of 100,000m of material was excavated, crushed and reused. The material was re-used as fill to bring back up the ground levels to allow construction works to commence. Any material that was not required to raise the ground levels was used as backfill for roads and drainage works.


I would like to thank the EMS team in particular Heather Parkes for the assistance in creating the CL:AIRE Management Plan. EMS were found to be extremely knowledgeable and the partnership we made during the process enabled the completion of the CL:AIRE Management Plan to be a pleasant and painless process. In developing the CL:AIRE Management Plan, this achieved considerable benefits to the project both in significant financial benefits and sustainable benefits, this would not have been achievable without the assistance of EMS.

— Gary Parkinson, Project Manager, Clugston Construction Ltd

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