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Business Development

Sam Humphreys headshot

Sam Humphreys

Bids and Contracts Manager

Robert Ewen headshot

Robert Ewen

Sales Manager - Industrial Water

Kate Morrisroe headshot

Kate Morrisroe

Sales Manager - Air and Emissions

Jodie Abramski headshot

Jodie Abramski

Sales Manager -Air and Emissions

Bethan Martin headshot

Bethan Martin

Communications Officer

Helen Smith headshot

Helen Smith

Office Manager

Terry Brighton headshot

Terry Brighton

Administrative Support Assistant


Rebecca Chapman headshot

Rebecca Chapman

Consultancy Manager

Martin Binnie headshot

Martin Binnie

Senior Consultant

Becka Bessant headshot

Becka Bessant

Senior Consultant

Megan Such headshot

Megan Such

Environmental Consultant

Jackson Smith headshot

Jackson Smith

Graduate Environmental Consultant

Katie Jones headshot

Katie Jones

Graduate Environmental Consultant

Bethany Walker headshot

Bethany Walker

Graduate Environmental Consultant

Finance and Admin

Bev Busby headshot

Bev Busby

Financial Controller

Lucy Skipworth headshot

Lucy Skipworth

Accounts Assistant

Grace Donaghey headshot

Grace Donaghey

Office Administrator


Mike Brownhill headshot

Mike Brownhill

Operations Manager

Aidan Jacobs headshot

Aidan Jacobs

Project Manager

Alex Mirfin headshot

Alex Mirfin

Field Service Engineer

Chris Taylor headshot

Chris Taylor

Field Service Engineer

Joe Price headshot

Joe Price

Apprentice Field Service Engineer

Andy Hill headshot

Andy Hill

Field Service Engineer

Lee Mellor headshot

Lee Mellor

Field Service Engineer

Charley Rasdale headshot

Charley Rasdale

Apprentice Engineer

Harvey Timms headshot

Harvey Timms

Data Processor

Tom Wallis headshot

Tom Wallis

Data Processor

Jake Stevenson headshot

Jake Stevenson

Workshop Manager


Gary Thursfield headshot

Gary Thursfield

Technical Manager

Liam Dearden headshot

Liam Dearden

Senior Technical Engineer

Chad Smith headshot

Chad Smith

Technical Support Apprentice


Dr Sonja Ostojin headshot

Dr Sonja Ostojin

Innovation Consultant

Marco Eulogi headshot

Marco Eulogi

PhD Associate


Professor Pete Skipworth headshot

Professor Pete Skipworth

Managing Director

Dr Kieran Williams headshot

Dr Kieran Williams

Business Development Director

Neil Scarlett headshot

Neil Scarlett

Strategy Director

Dr Dave Bramwell headshot

Dr Dave Bramwell


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