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EMS celebrates turning 15

22 October 2017

In 2002, EMS was a small business working out of a portacabin in Mosborough. In the early days, work was centred around trade effluent monitoring and environmental training and consultancy services. Due to lack of space in late 2005, the company relocated to offices in Dronfield.

The business expanded, moving from Dronfield to Sheffield in 2010, and continued to grow rapidly until investors were bought out in 2013. This growth momentum continued from then on, and still continues today.

Trade effluent and consultancy services are still at the foundation of the company, but growth and expansion has resulted in EMS encompassing a number of different business divisions. This includes air and emissions monitoring, environmental advisory services, and more recently an Innovation team. There are now 30 members of staff employed across the various divisions with the view for this to expand further as we continue to grow.

Not only have our services expanded, but so has our global footprint. We have recently been involved in exciting and innovative projects in the Gambia, Sierra Leone and Portugal, along with those that are closer to home.  

We are really proud of what we do and everything we have achieved throughout the 15 years of business, so gaining external recognition goes a long way to motivate staff. Hard work has been recognised with regional awards for high growth and small business of the year, along with a number of awards for our innovation projects.

Some of the core members of the EMS team have been on the journey from the start. Without the dedication and commitment of the team; the business would not have seen the success that it has. We work hard to integrate our company values within the business.

We also wouldn’t be here without the support of our clients and partners, some of which have been with us since day one. We would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers and partners for working with us. Supply and integration of products and solutions from world leading manufacturers and dedicated partners, along with valuable customer feedback, has allowed us to improve customer service and operational efficiency. This has contributed to EMS being able to build a strong platform for growth.

Who knows where the next 15 years will take us, but we are certainly looking forward to it.

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