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Continuous Particulate Monitoring Solutions

Continuous particulate monitoring

Our continuous emissions monitoring solutions incorporate triboelectric, opacity and light-based technologies to provide the right data, when you need it.

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EMS can provide you with a range of cost-effective, tailored CEMS solutions to meet your individual requirements. Solutions can incorporate dust monitors and data acquisition system (eDAS) to help you with the continuous measurement and reporting of stack particulate matter for your environmental compliance.

Stack Monitoring

Depending on your requirement, we may use either quantitative or indicative dust measurement techniques to help you maintain compliance. Our quantitative measurement techniques provide you with live digital dust concentration readings either on a module, or through a data acquisition system. Our indicative measurement techniques can also be integrated into a module or data acquisition system but provide an analogue measurement.

Bag burst detection

Our bag burst detection (broken bag detection) services make use of indicative techniques to alert you of any issues with your bag house filters, like burst filter bags or leaks. This helps you to ensure your baghouse filters operate efficiently, reduces your dust emissions and helps you to comply to environmental regulations.

Continuous monitoring of bag house filters detects an increase in dust (particulate matter) to signal broken bags. We calibrate our broken bag detection systems in line with your industrial processes and set them to trigger when anomalous dust concentrations are detected. Detecting an increase in particulate loading gives advanced warning which can save you money on reduced maintenance and lost production. It will also reduce emissions to atmosphere.


Our alarming systems are designed to keep you aware of any consent breaches, as they occur. We can pre-programme alarms to trigger progressively at different levels depending on your consent limits. Progressive alarms allow you time to prevent full consent breaches before they occur. Our alarming systems can comprise of both audio and visual beacons when necessary and can be installed locally to the point of measurement or situated in a more suitable remote location.

System Maintenance

One of our main specialities lies in the maintenance and service of monitoring equipment and systems, regardless of make or model. Our expert engineering team are fully trained to conduct proactive maintenance either on your existing equipment, or equipment we have specified. We also provide calibration, repairs and part replacement on all makes and models of Continuous Emissions Monitors available in the market.

Permitting and Licensing

Our Advisory team can support you with existing or future permits and licenses in compliance with the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. With our support we can take the stress away and make the process as seamless as possible.

Data Acquisition (eDAS 4.0)

Combine your particulate monitoring systems with our environmental data acquisition system, eDAS.

eDAS helps you to save time and money through centralising your environmental performance data. The system allows you to observe your environmental outputs on an easy to access dashboard. It gives you a clearer picture of your on-site operations and lets you set alarms to alert you to potential problems before you breach your permit. You can also pinpoint specific date ranges and extract the data directly to excel.

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EMS provide Goodwin Steel Castings with a particulate monitoring solution

EMS provide Goodwin Steel Castings with a particulate monitoring solution

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