In-Situ Level TROLL Series

  • Ideal for long term deployments

    Thanks to low power consumption
  • Simple integration

    Into existing SCADA systems
  • Simplified data management

    Using Win-Situ 5 software
  • In-Situ Level TROLL Series

The In-Situ Level TROLL family consists of the Level TROLL 500, 700 and newly released Level TROLL 400. The Level TROLL family is a series of powerful water level loggers designed for storm water, coastal and river monitoring applications. The In-Situ Level TROLL family offers superb accuracy, and easy integration into existing SCADA systems. You can use an In-Situ RuggedReader to quickly and easily download and view data.

In-Situ Level TROLL 700

  • Designed for aquifer characterisation.
  • Vented (gauged) and non-vented (absolute) instruments.
  • Linear, fast linear, linear average, event, step linear and true logarithmic logging modes.
  • Titanium construction for all applications (0.72" OD)

In-Situ Level TROLL 500

  • Designed for all groundwater and surface-water monitoring.
  • Vented or non-vented instrument.
  • Linear, fast linear and event logging modes.
  • Titanium body ideal for harsh environments (0.72" OD)

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