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Energy and ESOS Audits


The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is designed to help organisations work towards becoming more energy efficient.

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  • Improve your energy efficiency 
  • Identify cost-effective energy efficiency actions
  • Guidance from an environmental expert
  • Audited and signed off by a registered Lead Auditor
  • Remain legally compliant with ESOS requirements
  • Ensure you continue to meet your obligations

Phase two is now active, and qualifying companies are now able to begin the compliance process.  

If your company employs at least 250 employees or has an annual turnover of more than €50m, there are important steps that you must take before 5 December 2019: 

  • Measure your total energy consumption
  • Conduct audits to identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities
  • Report compliance to the Environment Agency

Our team of environmental experts can provide a complete service to help you meet your obligations. It includes: 

  • Determining which parts of your organisation are subject to the scope of an ESOS audit
  • Measuring your total energy consumption  
  • Carrying out the necessary audits
  • Identifying cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations
  • Preparing your ESOS Evidence Pack
  • Providing you with a registered Lead Auditor to sign off your Evidence Pack
  • Reporting compliance to the Environment Agency

As well as maintaining compliance, the results of an energy audit can bring cost and efficiency benefits for your organisation and help the environment. Every organisation tackles energy differently, but EMS can ensure you continue to focus your efforts in the right direction for ESOS compliance. 

For smaller companies, energy efficiency is also vital for both the organisation and the environment. Whether you have already spent time and resources exploring energy saving initiatives or are just starting to consider taking steps to reducing your energy consumption, using an EMS expert can give you a useful overview of what you are consuming (your carbon footprint), and how much you are paying for. 

An important output of an audit will be to recommend energy saving opportunities for your business. There is no legal requirement to implement them, but many could save you a lot of money and boost your environmental efforts. Our consultants will not only make the recommendations, but they can also help you to implement them, communicate the importance of energy saving to your employees and provide training. They’ll also illustrate how you can track your progress and keep records of your energy consumption and action plans to improve energy efficiency. 

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