SMART Wastewater Networks

Wastewater networks should convey foul and surface water with minimum impact on customers and the environment. EMS develops and deploys technologies and systems for the smarter operation of wastewater networks to achieve this.
We focus on systems that are easily and economically deployed, leveraging the power of machine and embedded intelligence, remote communications and the internet. We believe in maximising the utilisation of existing infrastructure, through its more intelligent operation, focussing on system robustness and reliability.

Remote Monitoring

The outputs from remote monitoring are everywhere. EMS is leveraging the power of the internet and other communication technologies to increase visibility. This opens up new possibilities in different areas_of environmental monitoring, from the centralised monitoring of industrial sites, temporary monitoring at boundaries_of the natural and urban environments through to remote monitoring to improve water access in developing countries.

Innovative Sensors

Continuous time-series data can only be collected economically and accurately for a limited number of parameters in remote deployments; for example in rivers and in the horticultural environment. This limits the applications and data that can be collected. The development of accurate, cost effective deployable sensors for a wider range of important parameters is our key driver.
New sensors will open up new possibilities in monitoring and managing catchments to achieve compliance with water legislation (e.g. the Water Framework Directive). Monitoring is the starting point in enabling us to use the water environment sustainably.

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To discuss EMS Innovation Services in more detail, please contact Dr Sonja Ostojin our Innovation Consultant.

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