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EMS team run Sheffield 10K for local charity SCCCC

1 October 2017

As the newest trustee of Sheffield charity SCCCC, our MD Pete Skipworth put his best feet forward to raise hundreds of pounds for the local charity. Inspired by caring for elderly relatives and seeing firsthand the huge amount of community care older people need, Pete became a trustee in May earlier this year.

Joined by colleagues Rebecca Chapman and James Chapman at the Sheffield 10K, the intrepid trio collectively raised over £1000 to help support SCCCC’s invaluable work.  

Pete said: “My wife and I have looked after elderly relatives and know how much support they need in the community and going in and out of hospital. When you imagine that there are thousands upon thousands of vulnerable, older people out there without any relatives or friends for support, it really brings home just how worthwhile this charity is.

“I truly believe the key to happiness is in doing things for others. I want to contribute as much as I can, so signed up for the Sheffield 10k and roped in two of my colleagues so that we could raise even more cash for this wonderful cause.

“It was a beautiful course with stunning local scenery. I had an injury about a month before the race which hampered my performance – but it also brought home the fact we’re all on our way to needing the kind of help that SCCCC provides.”

SCCCC is now in its fiftieth year. It thrives on strong community links and works alongside the Sheffield City Council, local NHS bodies and all church denominations to achieve its missions of improving the wellbeing of older people in the city.

The charity’s flagship ‘Good Neighbour Scheme’ offers a befriending service to over 65s who are referred by health agencies, care teams or relatives. Social visits, welfare checks, telephone support and one off emergency shopping trips all form part of the help offered under the scheme.

Other initiatives include support for people after they’ve been discharged from hospital, help for people who’ve been taken to hospital but have no family around to support them and advice patients and families in finding care homes.

Pete commented,  “I’ve been a trustee with SCCCC since May. There is such a big and growing need in the community for the kind of support that this charity gives. The third sector can lead the way working in collaboration with the NHS, Local Authority and other partners. The number of volunteers the charity has is amazing and they do a fantastic job alongside the charity’s staff. It proves that people really do care”

To donate to improving the wellbeing of older people in Sheffield, visit

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