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The Environment Act 2021

What is the Environment Act 2021?

Described as a ‘turning point for nature’, the Environment Act entered the statute books in England in November of 2021. After leaving the European Union, the frameworks for protecting nature were put at risk.  The Act aims to fill this gap by establishing clear statutory targets to improve biodiversity, boost air and water quality, tackle waste, encourage recycling, and overall ensure the recovery of the natural world.

The Act aims to halt the decline of species by 2030, create a more circular economy, tackle deforestation, create more natural habitats, and encourage sustainability. Its Environmental Principles must be considered by all government ministers when they make policy, and the legislation will be enforced by the Office for Environmental Protection.

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What you need to know about environmental targets - The Environment Act 2021

Under The Environment Act 2021 a suite of targets to restore and protect our environment has been developed by Defra.

What you need to know about water monitoring requirements - The Environment Act 2021

The Environment Act 2021 has introduced new requirements for water companies to report on discharges from storm overflows and to continuously monitor the quality of water.

The importance of biodiversity

Explore what is meant by biodiversity, the major threats that it faces and why it is important to minimise biodiversity loss.

What you need to know about the Environment Act - 2022 update

Read more about the new UK Environmental Protections Policy and how biodiversity gains will be created.

Proactive environmental management and why it matters

Discover the importance of proactive environmental management and how it benefits your business.

What is Environmental Due Diligence?

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) is the assessment and management of environmental liabilities and risks.

What does the Environment Act 2021 mean for businesses?

The Act will impact all business activity in England and the supply chain. It establishes legal responsibilities for businesses to monitor and remediate their impacts on the environment. From air emissions, water quality, and combined sewer overflow spills, to biodiversity net gain and nature-based solutions, it touches everything we do.

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How will water companies meet the challenges of new monitoring requirements?

This podcast features our Business Development Manager, David Claridge.  He talks to In-Situ’s Kayleigh Smith about new water monitoring requirements under the 2021 Environment Act. The Act requires water companies in England to continuously monitor water quality in rivers both upstream and downstream of storm overflows and wastewater treatment works.

The new monitoring requirements present significant cost and delivery challenges to water companies and the supply chain. David discusses the ramifications of such an undertaking, workable water monitoring solutions, and thoughts on how a vast amount of resulting data could be used and shared.

Listen to the podcast.

Watch the webinar.

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