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Net Zero

See our expert insights to succeed on your net zero journey

What is net zero?

Net zero is emerging as a key organising principle for business. Linked with the resilience of a business and its preparedness for climate change impacts, net embracing net zero is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

As the UK confronts the urgent reality of a changing climate, the concept of net zero offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to optimise their operations. By embracing net zero principles, companies can foster a culture of innovation and put themselves at the forefront of sustainable practices, driving long-term profitability and resilience.

We’ve put together the information that will help your business on your journey to net zero.


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What challenges will my business face?

Achieving net zero is now a core organising principle for business. What issues could businesses face on the road to net zero?

What is net zero?

The UK became the first major global economy in the world to commit to ending its contribution to climate change by 2050. But what does net zero actually mean?

Greenhouse gas reporting

Practical guidance on greenhouse gas emission reporting and the tools available to help start your journey towards a carbon neutral future.

What does net zero mean for business?

Explore the latest policy announcements, what they could mean for your business, and how some companies are taking the lead towards a carbon neutral future.

Net zero versus carbon neutrality

Read more about the key differences between carbon net zero and carbon neutrality.

Net zero has widely-acknowledged business benefits and the best place to start on your emissions reduction journey is to quantify them, to inform reduction strategies. We offer comprehensive services to help your business assess, quantify and manage your relationship with the environment.

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Carbon Net Zero Feasibility Study

A Net Zero Carbon Feasibility Study is a report that highlights the elements of your business that can be changed to reduce emissions. If, after evaluation, it is not feasible to reduce certain emissions, we can advise on certified offsetting options.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

EMS are able to help your business put together a coherent report and an accurate reading of your carbon emissions.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

A Climate Change Adaptation Plan can safeguard your business from future climate impacts.

Carbon Footprinting

EMS can provide you with advice on low-carbon options for both embodied carbon emissions and emissions in use.

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