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PAS 402:2013 – Performance Reporting for Waste Management Organisations

13 March 2019

What is PAS 402?

The PAS 402 (PAS is defined as a Publicly Available Specification) originally came to fruition through CEW’s (Constructing Excellence in Wales) recognition that the waste management industry required a mechanism to provide various internal and external stakeholders (government organisations, existing and potential customers, etc.) with well-managed and accurate reports on waste data and business performance. As a result, PAS 402:2009 was published with sponsorship from CEW and developed by British Standards Institution (BSI) alongside various waste industry stakeholders. PAS was revised and updated in 2013 – PAS 402:2013.

The purpose of PAS 402 is to provide waste management organisations with specifications for performance reporting in order to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, increase reuse and recycling of waste and encourage business improvements. The reporting specification sets out the framework to demonstrate key areas of delivery, including landfill diversion and material recovery (Tarian Inspection Services). By becoming certified, it gives waste contractors and clients assurance that waste is being managed by an approved company who are dedicated to protecting environment.

The PAS 402 report is verified by the Green Compass Scheme. The Green Compass Scheme provide third-party verification through the use of an UKAS accredited organisation.

When it was first introduced, PAS 402 was only utilised in Wales but eventually was made accessible to the rest of the UK. The PAS 402 is applicable to waste management organisations that process construction, industrial, commercial and/or household waste. PAS 402 is not applicable to waste management organisations that do not process waste, i.e. a waste carrier or waste broker.

what are the Benefits?

The PAS 402 was developed out of a need to help absolve the waste management industry of its negative reputation. Therefore, there are multiple benefits for waste management organisations to comply with PAS 402 and the Green Compass Scheme. Some benefits are:

  • Increased business due to positive customer response;
  • Increased business profits and cost savings;
  • Improved business and environmental performance;
  • Similarities with other management systems (ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015);
  • Requirement to achieving an Exemplary Performance Credit under section 10.0 Waste – Wst 01 Construction waste management of the BREEAM New Construction 2018 standard; and
  • Meeting customers standards as some companies may specify the use of PAS 402 certified waste contractors.

BuildUK members, such as Clugston, and other organisations that employ waste management companies, recognised the importance and benefits to receiving independently validated waste data from a company that has Green Compass Scheme membership. It ensures that organisations can rely on data from waste management organisations, helps to build a strong supplier network and assists in setting realistic waste reduction objectives and targets.

Going Forward

While many organisations that produce waste are beginning to only retain waste management organisations that are compliant with PAS 402 and members of the Green Compass Scheme, it is important for waste management organisations to consider the benefits of PAS 402 alongside the cost. For smaller organisations, becoming a member of the Green Compass Scheme may not be a smart business decision and simply complying with PAS 402 may be more cost effective.

For waste producers looking to employ waste management organisations that are members of the Green Compass Scheme and complaint with PAS 402, the Green Compass Directory is an excellent source of information.

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