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Is your Business still Environmentally Compliant?

1 October 2020

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Are you aware that there are over 300 UK pieces of environmental legislation that business must adhere to?

Whether you operate a small office or a large manufacturing site, you still have a responsibility to manage your risks and comply with legislation associated to your site’s processes and activities.

Fines are now unlimited and clean-up costs can be even more costly. Recently, a well known food and drink company were fined £140,000 and had to pay £500,000 in clean-up costs after diesel escaped their site and polluted a nearby watercourse.

EMS are aware that these are unprecedented times for businesses and want to ensure that you remain compliant and are prepared for any future legislative changes. Our team of environmental experts can give you peace of mind that your environmental legal responsibilities are met.

The benefits of this service are highlighted in the short video above, and include:

  • Quarterly report, emailed to nominated personnel, containing information on new and amended legislation, as well as news, guidance, consultations, case law, prosecutions and expert commentary (example attached)
  • Set number of hours of consultancy support delivered in various formats – email, phone, site visit, etc.
  • Snapshot environmental audit to review site operations against legal requirements and an associated compliance action plan
  • Quarterly legal register updates on new, amended or revoked legislation which will be made available in easily digestible summaries with explicit commentary on how to maintain compliance’

Contact Rebecca Chapman for more details on rebecca.chapman@em-solutions or on 0114 272 2270

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