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Aqua TROLL 700 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

A fully customisable, seven-port multiparameter sonde with capacity for six interchangeable sensors and an antifouling wiper.

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Contact our expert David Claridge for more information.

Have a question?

Contact our expert David Claridge for more information.

Product Information


  • Reduce operational costs by measuring multiple parameters simultaneously with six interchangeable sensors
  • Low maintenance deployment with passive and active antifouling on sensors and long battery life
  • Reliable in challenging environments

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Aqua TROLL 700 Overview

The In-Situ Aqua TROLL 700 can help you in meeting Environment Act regulatory requirements and cutting operational costs. Featuring seven ports, it serves as a multiparameter sonde with the capacity for six interchangeable sensors and an antifouling wiper. This powerful and customisable water quality sonde is suitable for both short-term and long-term deployments in various environments, including fresh or saltwater, surface water, or groundwater. It provides the flexibility, reliability and durability for spot checks, remote monitoring and long-term monitoring. 

The Aqua TROLL 700 is designed to withstand harsh environments. It has interlocking sensors to help with stability and a titanium restrictor and multi-chamber design to prevent breakage or failure. Fast-response sensors and a built-in error prevention system ensure data is accurate. 

Active and passive antifouling features reduce the need for maintenance, extending intervals needed between maintenance visits. 

This water quality sonde seamlessly integrates with In-Situ telemetry systems and HydroVu Data Services, providing real-time insights from monitoring sites at a distance. 

Equipped with a durable battery and a user-friendly smartphone interface, the Aqua TROLL 700 allows for simplified calibration and real-time data viewing. Its low power consumption and advanced antifouling capabilities make it suitable for long-term installations in various applications. 

Designed for versatility  

Crafted with titanium components and the choice of vented or non-vented pressure sensor options, the Aqua TROLL 700 is well-suited for challenging environments and long-term deployments in fresh water or salt water, surface water or ground water.  

Efficiency in the field   

User-friendly software simplifies instrument configuration, data analysis, and reporting. No specialised training is required, and no waiting for sensor warm-up or set-up.  

Instant status updates  

The LCD display provides immediate visual feedback on sensor status, data log, battery life, and overall functionality. This will give you confidence during deployment. An onboard SD card enables quick and easy data backup and transfer. 

No fuss antifouling  

Active antifouling system with cleanable conductivity protects sensors.

Data accuracy 

Self-compensating turbidity/RDO/level, smart diagnostics, and stable sensor technology work together to minimise drift and enhance accuracy. NIST-traceable factory calibration reports provide assurance of reliability, and smart sensors store information internally, maintaining data and calibration within the sensor for traceable results. 

Water Quality and the Environment Act   

Since the introduction of the Environment Act 2021, there is more pressure than ever on water companies to be fulfilling water quality monitoring requirements and to be aware of their environmental impacts. To fulfill your regulatory requirements, you need the right equipment.  

Sensor options  

Sensor options for the Aqua TROLL 700 include:  

  • Temperature  
  • Conductivity  
  • PH/ORP  
  • Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO)  
  • Turbidity  
  • Chlorophyll a  
  • Phycocyanin (BGA-PC)  
  • Phycoerythrin (BGA-PE) 
  • FDOM  
  • Crude Oil  
  • Rhodamine WT  
  • Fluorescein WT  
  • Ammonium (ISE)  
  • Chloride (ISE)  
  • Nitrate (ISE)  

Applications for Aqua Troll 700 include:  

  • Continuous groundwater monitoring 
  • Surface water HAB (harmful algal blooms) monitoring  
  • Profiling 
  • Source water monitoring 
  • Dredging monitoring 
  • Continuous coastal water monitoring 
  • Coastal HAB (harmful algal blooms) monitoring  
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) monitoring 

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To discuss the Aqua TROLL 700 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde and our other Water Quality Monitors and Sensors, please contact David Claridge our Business Development Manager (Water & Wastewater).

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