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Flow Meters and Sensors


Flow Sensors

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MACE Doppler Ultrasonic Insert Velocity Sensor

An ultrasonic insertion velocity sensor to accurately measure velocity in full pipes or partially full pipes.


Hach EM950 Velocity and Depth Sensor

The EM950 sensor has been designed to provide accurate velocity and level measurements in the most rugged field environments.


Hach Sigma Submerged Area Velocity Flow Sensor

An area velocity flow sensor designed for use in conjunction with the Hach FL900.


Hach BL9000 Bubbler Level Sensor

A sensor designed for specific use with the Hach FL1500 to deliver accurate and reliable flow measurements.

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Hach FLO-DAR Non-contact Flow Sensor

Certified intrinsically safe, non-contact flow monitoring system - ideal for portable and permanent sewer and wastewater applications.

Full Pipe Flow Meters


Electromagnetic Flow Meters

A series of electromagnetic flow meters available in a range of pipe sizes, including explosion proof and high temperature options.


KATflow 100 Cost-Effective Clamp-On Flow Meter

A cost-effective clamp-on flow meter, designed for monitoring flow in closed pipes.


KATflow 150 Fixed Site Clamp-On Flow Meter

A fixed site flow meter designed for permanent, closed pipe monitoring applications.


KATflow 170 Fixed Site ATEX Clamp-On Flow Meter

An explosion-proof flow meter designed for fixed site applications.


KATflow 200 Portable Clamp-On Flow Meter

A portable clamp-on flow meter ideal for spot checking multiple monitoring points.


KATflow 230 Portable Clamp-On Flow Meter

A dual channel clamp-on flow meter designed for monitoring multiple points simultaneously.


KATflow 210 Integrated Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

A portable flow meter designed to be robust and provide reliable measurements in unpredictable conditions.

Open Channel Flow Meters


Hach FL1500 Series Flow Controller

A flow monitoring solution for measuring and logging open channel flow. Compatible with all of Hach's flow sensor technologies.


Hach FL900 Portable Flow Meter Module

Portable flow logger configurable with a range of flow measurement technologies including FLO-DAR, FLO-TOTE and submerged area velocity.


Hach SC200 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

An accurate flow measurement system with an easy-to-read display and reliable data management. Provides an economical choice for your open channel monitoring applications.


Siemens LUT400 MCERTS Ultrasonic Flow Meter

An MCERTS ultrasonic flow meter ideal for wastewater and industrial monitoring applications.

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Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter

A lightweight, battery-powered handheld flow meter designed to provide accurate flow velocity and level measurements.

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