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REWAISE (Resilient Water Innovation for Smart Economy)

Rewaise project

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EMS are proud to be part of REWAISE (REsilient WAter Innovation for Smart Economy) – a European Union’s Horizon 2020 research-funded project, which aims to reduce water consumption, and achieve a zero-carbon water cycle through a smart water ecosystem.

We are working with a consortium of stakeholders on this project, including universities and water supply companies, to provide our expertise in Intelligent Wastewater Networks (IWAN).

Our IWAN Smart Wastewater Management technology is an Artificial Intelligence solution to reduce spills to rivers from stormwater overflows and limit urban flooding. AI active flow control devices link to sensor networks to manage sewers during rainstorm events – controlling flow with gates that decide whether to hold flow back or pass it forward.  The technology fully leverages the capacity of existing storage capacity and infrastructure; and avoids the need for more space-hungry construction. It is, therefore, a complementary solution to green infrastructure, and it limits the need for system enlargement, saving many millions in capital spend.

This solution is particularly relevant following the UK’s government passing new environmental laws focusing heavily on discharges to the environment. According to the Storm Overflow Evidence Project conducted by the Global Engineering Consultant, Stantec, it has been estimated that the UK would need to invest up to £280bn to eliminate spills from storm overflows. This would result in an increase of household bills of between £661 and £1162 per year.

IWAN offers a way to eliminate spills but at much lower cost, with less disruption and fewer negative environmental impacts. This is possible as technology keeps more of the water within the pipe system. It is anticipated that by avoiding the need to increase storage capacity, AI active flow control devices will reduce the CAPEX requirement by €4m for the proposed demonstrator site as part of the REWAISE programme. The CO2 offset would also be 2.3t per installation.

IWAN began alongside the start of the REWAISE project in September 2020. We have worked closely with Severn Trent Water to identify suitable sites for the IWAN demonstrator. We are currently working on a three-gate pilot, which is in the commissioning phase with full testing in early 2023.

Our work with the project will limit the economic and social cost of environmental management to water company customers. The protection from harm caused by spills comes at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional solutions (estimated 87% reduction) and therefore will help to protect customer water bills. The environmental improvements enabled by our technology will significantly impact urban areas, enabling communities to enjoy access to cleaner water bodies for outdoor activities.

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