Hach FLO-DAR Non-Contact Flow Sensor

  • Certified intrinsically safe non-contact flow measurement

    Ideal for sewer and wastewater flow monitoring
  • Portable and permanant options

    Configure with the Hach FL900 or FLO-STATION
  • Easy installation and maintenance

    Avoids expensive civils and confined space entry
  • Hach FLO-DAR Non-Contact Flow Sensor
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  • Flo-Dar ATEX Flow Meter.jpg
  • Non-Contact ATEX Flow Meter.jpg
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The Hach FLO-DAR provides an ideal solution for non-contact, portable or permenant sewer and wastewater flow monitoring.

FLO-DAR provides a revolutionary approach to open channel flow monitoring. It combines advanced Digital Doppler Radar velocity sensing technology with ultrasonic pulse echo depth sensing to remotely measure open channel flow. Use with the Hach FL900 Flow Loggers for portable monitoring or configured with the Hach FLO-STATION for permenant monitoring solutions. Certified intrinsically safe models are also available for monitoring within wastewater networks.

Accurate Flow Measurement

FLO-DAR provides the user with highly accurate flow measurements under a wide range of flows and site conditions. The non-contact method of velocity measurement eliminates accuracy problems inherent with submerged sensors including sensor disturbances, high solids content and distribution of reflectors.

Non-Contact Eliminates Lost Data

The non-contact flow sensor is unaffected by fouling due to debris and grease which can cause periods of inaccurate or lost data.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

As the FLO-DAR sensor is mounted above the flow, personnel have little or no contact with the flow during installation. Sensor removal can be deone without the need for confined space entry.

Perfect Solution for Difficult Flow Conditions

FLO-DAR operates in the most difficult conditions including flows with high solids content, high temperature, shallow flows, caustic flows, large channels and high velocities.

Optional Surcharge Velocity Sensor (SVS)

During surcharge events FLO-DAR's optional SVS electromagnetic sensor will continue to provide uninterrupted and accurate flow monitoring through dry and wet weather flows without the need for routine sensor cleaning or maintenance.

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